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Liquorice candy 150 g

Liquorice candy 150 g

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The description of the product

Not correctly known whether this liquorice or sweet. Well, at least just the lakrice's taste novelty it is. And we will not be another similar to any taste. This is naturally a gluten-free licorice. It is manufactured in the factory where wheat flour is also used. True pleasure from one bag!


Glucose syrup, sugar, water, licorice (4.3%), salmic acid powder, jellyzing agent (E440), oxidation agent (E331), stabilizing agent (E452), color (E153)
Intrinsically gluten-free. Prepared in a factory using wheat flour.

Nutritional values

(Nutritional content / 100 g)
Energy 1264 kJ / 298 kcal
Fat 0.2 g
from which saturated <0.2 g
Carbohydrates 73.3 g
from which sugs 54.7 g
Protein 0.7 g
Salt 0.8 g


    Glukoosisiirappi, sokeri, vesi, lakritsipasta (4,3%), salmiakkijauhe, hyytelöimisaine (E440), hapettumisenestoaine (E331), stabilointiaine (E452), väri (E153)

    Luontaisesti gluteeniton. Valmistetaan tehtaassa, jossa käytetään vehnäjauhoa.

    Nutritional content

    (Ravintosisältö / 100 g)

    Energia 1264 kJ / 298 kcal
    Rasva 0.2 g
    josta tyydyttynyttä < 0.2 g
    Hiilihydraatit 73.3 g
    josta sokereita 54.7 g
    Proteiini 0.7 g
    Suola 0.8 g

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