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Pro Pack

The complete pack for Kouvolan Lakritsi fans, featuring freshly baked liquorice and marmalade products straight from the world’s best liquorice factory.

1 x Liquorice bites 500g
1 x Fruit marmelade mix 400g
1 x Berries of Lapland marmelade mix 400g
1 x Liquorice of Old Vyborg300g
1 x Salty liquorice bites 300g
1 x Liquuorice wheel 80g
1 x Grandfather's liquorice pipe 100g
1 x Little pipe 50g
1 x Liquorice heart 80g
1 x Caramel and liquorice sauce 2dl
1 x Liquorice sauce 2dl
1 x Spreadable liquorice cream 170g
1 x Train liquorice 500g gift box
1 x Liquorice candy 150g
1 x Caramel seasalt liquorice 300g
1 x Liquorice bites 300g
1 x Liquorice powder 35g