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The liquorice liquorice bites 500g, gift

The liquorice liquorice bites 500g, gift

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Product description

A grandly gift-wrapped package offers you not only delightful delicacies but eye candy as well.


Wheat flour
, water, sugar, sugar syrup, food-grade molasses, salty liquorice, salt, natural flavouring (liquorice extract, aniseed oil), food colouring (E153), emulsifier (E471), acidity regulator (E500), preservatives (E211, E202).

Nutritional values

(Nutrient content / 100 g)
Energy 1292 kJ / 304 kcal
Fat 0,5 g
of which saturated
0,3 g
71 g
of which sugars
41 g
4,3 g
Salt 0,6 g

  • Vegaaninen


Vehnäjauho, vesi, sokeri, sokerisiirappi, elintarvikemelassi, suola, luontaisia aromeja (lakritsiuute, anisöljy), väri (E153), emulgointiaine (E471), happamuudensäätöaine (E500), säilöntäaineet (E211, E202).

Nutritional content

(Ravintosisältö / 100 g)

Energia 1292 Kj / 304 kcal
Rasva 0.5 g
- josta tyydyttynyttä  0.3 g
Hiilihydraatit 71 g
- josta sokereita 41 g
Proteiini 4.3 g
Suola 0.6 g

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