Personalised liquorice

You get exactly the kind of liquorice container you want

What would be a better marketing tool, business gift or a fundraising method than a personalised container filled with tasty liquorice? We at Kouvola Liquorice offer this option to individuals, companies, municipalities, sports clubs, school classes, societies and other interested parties – order a personalised container filled with 500 grams of our liquorice.

The personalised containers of Kouvolan lakritsi are excellent for making sweet impressions on collaboration partners and visitors at any event. This easy-to-sell product works fantastically in fundraising as well.

Fun facts about personalised liquorice containers

  • Dimensions of a 500-gram container: height 15 cm, width 10 cm and depth 6 cm.
  • Smaller 300-gram containers are also available, dimensions: height 12 cm, width 10 cm and depth 6 cm.
  • Your images or drawings are printed on the containers via digital technology, with the print quality equalling that of photographs.
  • At fundraising events, the 500-gram containers have been resold for approximately €9-10 per container.
  • Minimum order is 100 containers.
  • The best before date of our liquorice is 6 months from the packaging date.
  • Containers can also be ordered on small stands with personalisable backing boards. In these cases, the minimum order is 750 containers, or 5 stands. The design of the backing board is included in the price. Bottom dimensions of stands with a height of 160 cm: width 60 cm and depth 40 cm. The stands have five layers with 30 containers per layer. As such, there are 150 containers on one stand. Backing board size: width 58 cm and height 36 cm.
  • Our payment term for sports clubs and school classes is 21 days by invoice.
  • Material requested on the containers should be emailed to
  • In a couple of days, you will receive a PDF draft that can be amended as needed.
  • The delivery time is 1-2 weeks after the draft is approved.

Tips for personalising liquorice containers

The containers can easily accommodate two but no more than five photos, logos or drawings. Feel free to add text to accompany the images. Drawings should be made and scanned as A4. Use strong colours, for example crayons or markers, when drawing. The provided material does not need to be created with the container’s dimensions in mind. Our graphic designer creates a PDF draft for the customer’s approval before printing begins. Upon request, we can also send you a layout template and instructions for your own design (.indd).