The world's sweetest fundraising

Full of freshly-made award-winning liquorice from Kouvolan Lakritsi, this box is perfect for fundraising for a sports club, school class or association. The box can be personalised to look exactly the way you want it!

The liquorice calculator - work out how much you can raise!

Laskin latautuu

Order your personalised boxes of liquorice now!

  • 1.

    Use our calculator to work out your target for selling boxes of liquorice.

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    Design the look of your box of liquorice and send us the artwork.

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    We deliver boxes of liquorice within 1-2 weeks of approval of the submission.

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    Start a sweet fundraising campaign!

Fundraising packaging sizes

  • Kolme koululuokan personoitua varainhankinnan boksia, joissa kuvituksena koululuokkien tekemät piirustukset.

    500g box of liquorice

    Size: height 15 cm, width 10 cm and depth 6 cm. 500g of traditional Kouvola liquorice inside.

  • Kouvolan Lakritsin myyntidisplay lava kuvitettuna Kouvolan Lakritsin ilmeelle.

    Sales display stand (150 boxes)

    Size: height 160 cm, width 60 cm and depth 40 cm. Displays are available for orders of a minimum of 750 boxes, i.e. five stands. The price includes personalised background boards.

Prices vs yield

    • Prices per 500g box (incl. VAT 14 %)

    • 100-249 items

      5,95 €/item
    • 250-499 items

      5,85 €/item
    • 500-749 items

      5,65 €/item
    • 750-999 kpl

      5,45 €/item
    • 1000-1499 items

      5,35 €/item
    • 1500 items and above

      5,05 €/item

      Note! Delivery is always free.

    • Yield at a box price of €10

    • from the sale of 100 boxes

      405 €
    • From the sale of 200 boxes

      810 €
    • From the sale of 300 boxes

      1 245 €
    • From the sale of 500 boxes

      2 175 €
    • From the sale of 750 boxes

      3 412,50 €
    • From the sale of 1000 boxes

      4 650 €

Experiences of the world's sweetest fundraising

Ryhmä Mutalan koulun oppilaita kiipeilytelineen vieressä koulun pihalla kesäsäässä.

"Over the years, we've used the proceeds from the liquorice for field trips."

Risto Kilpeläinen, Principal of Mutala School, Joensuu

Kaksi JaPS-seuran nuorta peukalot pystyssä heidän omien seuran ilmeen mukaan personoitujen lakritsirasioiden kanssa.

"Liquorice turned out to be an easy and enjoyable sales product, which was a joy in a corona spring."

P11 age group leader Marja Vepsä-Taipale (JäPS)

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Salon Viesti -lehtipalloseuran tekemä lakritsirasia pöydällä lakritsipalojen kanssa. Lakritsirasiassa on seuran logo ja yhteiskuva.

"We reached our goal easily and quickly. Next time we will set our sales target higher!"

Salon Viestin C-tytöt

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