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Refund policy

Return of goods

Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy grants its customers a 14-day money back guarantee. The products can be returned by the free customer return service offered by Posti or directly to our service points at sales centres. Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy shall pay the return costs if the return has been effected in accordance with its instructions via Posti’s customer return service. The products returned must be packed with care

Liability for defects

Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy bears the statutory liability for product defects. For more information, e-mail us at


The customer is required to present proof of purchase, a receipt or other proof of purchasing time and place when returning products or submitting claims related to product defects.

Only claims in writing will be processed. The free-format claims can be sent by e-mail to the address or by mail to our office. The website allows submission of customer feedback.

Resolution of disputes and legal venue: Private person customers are entitled to refer any conflicts arising from this contract to the Consumer Disputes Board ( for resolution. Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the customer is required to contact the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority ( A customer may submit claims resulting from contract-related debt relationship against Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy whether at the district court of the domicile of Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy or at the district court of the Finnish municipality in which jurisdiction the customer resides. If the customer does not have a residence in Finland, the disputes shall be settled by the district court of the domicile of Kouvolan Lakritsi Oy.

Intermediation costs will not be refunded, since the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority and Consumer Disputes Board offer free of charge assistance in resolution of disputes.