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Kouvolan Lakritsi has been making its products with uncompromising dedication since 1906. The taste is rooted in a traditional approach to production, the right people, a refined recipe, a touch of love and a supply chain that guarantees the freshness of every piece of liquorice.

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Welcome to the factory outlet

Kouvolan Lakritsi's factory outlet in the centre of Kouvola offers the world's best liquorice as pieces, powder, laces and sauce - not to mention special varieties and traditional products. The factory outlet is located with the new factory.

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JaPS-seuran personoidut varainhankinnan lakritsiboksit jalkapallokentän nurmikolla.

Sweet fundraising

Fundraising for a sports club, school class or association is easy with personalised boxes of liquorice from Kouvolan Lakritsi. Use the calculator to see how much you can earn with boxes of liquorice!

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Lakritsipussi keskellä lakritsipalakasaa.

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Did you know that the recipe for traditional Kouvola Liquorice was fine-tuned to its final form in 1960 by H. Knoch, an English liquorice expert? Since then, the world's best liquorice has been made with the same recipe.

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