Making a better world one piece of liquorice at a time

Kouvolan Lakritsi is driven by passion, attitude and love. While making the best liquorice in the world, we also do our bit to make the world a better place. For us, this means both offsetting our emissions and helping those in need.


Our products carry the key flag

Our products carry the domestic Key flag symbol. The symbol can be awarded to products with a domestic content of more than 50%.

V-Labelin myöntämä Vegan-tunnus

Our liquorice is vegan

Our liquorice has been awarded the internationally recognised and registered V-Label vegan label.

Sitoumus 2050-tunnus, jossa lukee "Suomi, jonka haluamme 2050. Kwstävän kehityksen yhteiskuntasitoumus."

We have signed the Commitment2050 pledge

The Commitment 2025 Social Commitment we have signed means that, in the spirit of sustainability, we are committed to minimising waste and employing young people in seasonal jobs.

Kuvituskuva, jossa teksti "Tuotteemme kulkevat vastuullisesti. KaukokiitoBIO."

We transport our liquorice in a sustainable way

With Kaukokiito BIO we have been able to reduce the carbon footprint of our transport by up to 90%.

Ikoni, jossa on aurinkopaneeli sekä aurinko.

We have more than 250 solar panels in operation

The Longi Solari 425W panels installed on the roofs of our existing factories in 2023 produce around 82 000-90 000 kW of renewable energy per year.

Ympyrän muotoinen kierrätysmerkki

We recycle and minimise waste

We recycle everything we can and actively work to reduce waste.

MLL:n myöntämä Perhemyönteinen työyhteisö 2024 -merkki

We are a family-friendly workplace

We are committed to being a family-friendly workplace in cooperation with the Mannerheim Child Protection League.

GreenCarbinin myöntämä Hiilijalanjälki kompensoitu -tunnus

We offset our emissions

Since 2020, we have been offsetting our emissions through verified carbon sinks in partnership with Green Carbon.

Ikoni, jossa kaksi kättä kättelemässä sydämen muodossa.

We help those in need

We help when we have the chance. After the war in Ukraine started, we raised more than €120 000 for Ukrainian families. We have also raised funds for preventive mental health work, for example, together with Hope ry.